Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Gloss - Beauty Nails Hair | Opening Special!

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  • Express Facial Treatment
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  • Super Hydrating Mask
  • Eyebrow Sugar
  • Gel Toes
  • Foot Buff and Hydrating Balm
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Friday, August 9, 2013

Xennox Diamonds | 3 Ways To Care For Your Diamond Ring

A diamond engagement ring is one of a ladies most precious prized possessions. It symbolises a couples love and the start of their life journey, called marriage. Like a new car, that people try and keep clean for the first few months, the cleaning of a diamond engagement ring, is something that sometimes get put to the bottom of the to do list. The great thing about your diamond engagement ring is that when it is properly cleaned and cared for it will look like the day you picked it up from the jewellery store.
3 ways to care for your diamond engagement ring. 

1. Clean it with hot water and dish washing detergent. It is recommended to add just off boiling hot water and detergent into a coffee cup. Don’t worry – The melting point of gold and diamonds is much higher than 100 degrees, so your diamond engagement ring should be safe. After it has been sitting there for around 3 -5 minutes, use an old toothbrush to dab in and around the settings. A dabbing motion is preferred to scrubbing. Dabbing allows the bristles to find their way in and behind the setting, whereas scrubbing may affect the polish of the metal, causing it to dull.

2. Don’t use hand cream while wearing your rings. One of the biggest causes for diamonds to dull, is the use of hand cream. To understand what hand cream does to your diamond, imagine smearing hand cream over your bathroom mirror. After a day or two, the general everyday dirt would stick to the cream, forming a layer and preventing the light from getting through. As diamonds require light to sparkle, anything that prevents the light from interacting with the stone, will cause the diamond to dull.

3. Have it professionally cleaned at least once a year – While cleaning your diamonds and jewellery at home will certainly make a marked difference to the performance of your diamond, to achieve the best result, we recommend that you bring it to a qualified jeweller at least once a year for a professional clean. Jewellers will generally have an ultrasonic cleaner. Most professional ultrasonic cleaners cost in excess of $1000. Ultrasonic’s are great for getting into all the really hard to reach places and shaking the dirt out. At the same time your jeweller can check all your settings to make sure that all your diamonds and gemstones are secured. This is a complimentary service that Xennox Diamonds offer to all their clients, even if the piece is not theirs.